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Now we have following technical requirements for Catchers Helpdesk plugin:

  1. Requires WordPress version: since 3.0.1  (Tested up 4.8.0)
  2. PHP version should be since  5.3
  3. PHP IMAP extension must be enabled. (E-mail fetching)
  4. PHP Iconv extension must be enabled (File uploading)

Please don’t worry, because we have special error messages to recognize it. For example, if you try to set up email settings and receive a message like this:

“Can not connect to the server: Please, check your setting.” IMAP doesn’t exist. PHP must be compiled with IMAP enabled.

How to fix it:

The IMAP extension in PHP enables you to communicate with email servers via both the IMAP and POP protocols. Without it enabled functions Catchers Helpdesk won’t work. It is a standard case for e-mail fetching plugins. To allow you to clear manage your customer support tickets Catchers Helpdesk interacts with your email server using IMAP. Hopefully, the extension isn’t always enabled by default by all web hosts. But this error message appears because you have other settings.

We strongly recommend you to ask your hosting provider.

Here’s a text of the message: Hi “hosting company” support. I’d like you to enable the PHP IMAP extension for my account. I need it for e-mail fetching plugin (Catchers Helpdesk Plugin for support) Please, let me know about results.


According to our experience, it will take a few hours. After that, you should try again.

Anyway, please let us know about results because we are highly interested in your successful connection. We are ready to go with you to the following message: Connection to server: established successfully.


Please write us a message if you still can’t set up our Plugin. We have a unique service to help you by Skype.  With our developer, we will catch the error and fix it together.

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