Every request sent to your support email becomes a ticket in your helpdesk. You can easily categorize and prioritize tickets and assign them to the right people in your team.

The ticket status is very important ticket fields in Catchers Helpdesk as it helps you define your support process. It helps you manage the lifecycle of a customer request from the time it gets received in your system, to the moment where it gets closed by your team member.

By default, every ticket in Catchers Helpdesk can have one of 4 statuses: New, Answered, Not answered and Closed.

Ticket status

Ticket status "New"
This is the default status of a ticket when it is created in your helpdesk. And, they are probably the ones that need your attention. Every time a customer replies to a ticket that has a different status, it always moves back to open so that you can take a look at it again and fix any issues, if necessary.

Ticket status "Not answered"
A ticket can be moved into Non answered when an agent has replied to a ticket and is waiting to get more contextual information from the customer or from technical staff.

Ticket status "Answered"
When your agents are entirely sure that they have provided the right solution to a customer, they can mark it as answered.

Ticket status "Closed"
A ticket gets closed when a customer confirms any satisfaction. If the ticket has been marked as closed, it will move back into open if the customer replies to it again.

Default ticket statuses can not be managed.

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