How to organize customer support of WooCommerce clients? Why do you need it? 

WooCommerce is a free eCommerce plugin built to integrate seamlessly with WordPress. Integrating WooCommerce with Catchers Helpdesk brings key commerce metrics straight to your customer support team.

With a WooCommerce integration, your team will be ready to provide context support responses that scale commerce activity. See crucial metrics, like the customer lifetime value, orders, and list of products, right from the Helpdesk Customer Profile.

WooCommerce customer’s zone

My Account page – This page is where registered customers will go to view their orders or update their account details. That’s why WooCommerce integration add-on allows your customers to open ticket right from “My account” page.

There is a “Tickets” tab where your customers can see the orders and create new ones as well as from the “Orders” tab.

Once you click on the red button, you will see pop up the contact form. This contact form consist from the following fields:

  • Email (already filled) ;
  • Customer Name (already filled);
  • Subject;
  • Description;
  • Order items (checkbox);
  • Attachments;

The good news is that form can be customized via the Contact Form Constructor Add-on. So you can add any extra fields you want. For example you can add a necessary in Europe GDPR opt-in field in order to receive confirmation from your customers.

Design (UI) for this contact form is according to your WordPress theme, so you don’t need to worry about style. Anyway, you can change it via custom CSS.

WordPress admin zone

The goal of WooCommerce Integration Add-on is to provide contextual data to customer support team.

Helpdesk admin area

There is the following information about your customer:

  • Status of order (help you find out what to do next);
  • Order items (which product);
  • Order data (how it is actual);
  • Order total cost (value for a customer);
  • Lifetime value (priority);
  • link to order (detailed information);

More than that, there is a full customer profile with the contact information.

How to try WooCommerce with Helpdesk

Here you can see the full-featured demo where you can create a ticket from Woo zone and answer it from WordPress admin zone.

Customer support workflow

All incoming messages to your support email or from your contact forms will come to WordPress admin area. All of them have a New status.

Once you answer to a certain ticket – it will have Answered status. After you receive reply on it from your customer – it will be in a Non Answered status.

You and your agent always have 2 options: send a reply directly to a customer or send a private note to a colleague. If you choose private reply – it will not be delivered to a customer. But all messages will be kept on a ticket history as well as attachments and status changes.

If you have a few customer support agents you can easily measure support metrics of each agent:

  • The busiest time of the day;
  • Average first response time;
  • Satisfaction rate by a customer;
  • Ticket volume;
  • Resolution time.

Make data driven decisions

To try the free version of Catchers Helpdesk, please go to the and download our plugin there.

At Catchers, we have hundreds of eCommerce owners and Digital agencies who already use WooCommerce with Catchers Helpdesk. The WooCommerce Bundle of Add-ons is a set of tools for such users to organize and automate customer support daily routine.