Many of our current clients rely on e-mail to keep track of their customer support issues, rather than using a special helpdesk or ticket system. Although email might seem universal and free, ticket using actually allows you to do many things that you couldn’t do with email.

Before we start to describe key moments, I just want to remind you about what your customers waiting for you:

  • Customers want to know someone is working on their problem;
  • Customers want to know when their problem will be fixed;
  • Customers want periodic updates on the status of their issue;

Watch amazing TAD Talk about customers needs:

So, the best way to succeed is to organize your customer support to meet these customer needs. Here are seven areas with real WordPress owner case where simple helpdesk tends to work better.

1. Prioritization of customer’s issues

According to common support philosophy, you and your team need to resolve a problem and make your customer happy. Let’s imagine your typical workday and your e-mail message list. All you can do just check new arrival message.With e-mail, you are able to take problems as they come, but if you have a ticket system, you can easily prioritize issues due to tickets statuses: New, Answered, Non Answered, Closed.

You don’t have to worry about multiple agents responding to the same ticket anymore because everyone on your team can see who is working on each ticket, as well as its status.
See what is going on with customers requests, who is responsible for them. Focus on tickets that need your attention. That’s the whole point.


2. Easy support team collaboration

If you have a few agents working on the same issue, then trying to keep track of a single issue can be quite difficult. With email, you have to ensure that the correct person is always copied on the message, and in some cases, you might have to hunt through multiple inboxes to find everything you need.

A ticket tracking system, however, ensures that all the relevant information is placed on one screen so that it’s available when you need it. This also means that if you need to access the information months or even years later, you know exactly where to find it. Each ticket has the own history of changes statuses, assign agents and replies.You can filter all conversations on the ticket page for the easier organization. Filtering conversations allow you to selectively view conversation messages by author and status.

Email can make teamwork tricky since employees must either share inboxes or constantly send information to reach other. A good software system, though, lets everyone view and edit tickets at once, so that multiple people can work on one issue while keeping their progress in one place.

3. Daily routine automatization

Save your time for something more interesting! You can create saved reply if you answering the same question frequently. They can be utilized in any form of customer communication.
Your customer support agents might not be able to help customers around the clock, but problems can occur at any time during the night or day. Helpdesk offer customers the ability to find solutions themselves through accessing a knowledge base than can help them work through the issue. This helps reduce strain on your staff and ensures that customers can get the assistance they need.

Also, you can add a ticket category field on a contact form and set up a personal manager for each category. In this case, notification about new ticket will be sent to a certain manager. It is a good option for separating tickets without any efforts

4. Know your customers better

What do you get about the customer from your email message? Telling the truth, not much. Now in this world, your sales depend on the quality of your Customer Relationship Managment System. It means you should take care of your customer data. How to do it with helpdesk? Add contact form with custom fields you need to your website! The most requested feature from our customers! Easily set up additional custom fields on any of your contact form.

Here’s how you should respond to the new customer journey.


Remember, that customer service as “the Voice of the Customer” and driver for improvements.


5. Everyone in your team can do sales 

On the ticket page, you can see the customer’s information with tags, contacts. Customer lifetime value can be defined as the dollar value of a customer relationship, based on the present value of the orders future cash flows from the customer relationship. Customer lifetime value accounts as the sum of all orders from a certain customer.

There is a special section – Previous tickets. Very quickly, agents will know what the message is about and the whole customer history. It allows you and your agents to reduce the time to response and the quality of answers and increase your sales. Just offer the discount to necessary clients.

Ask your managers to try some sales and you will be impressed. For more information – check 5 Ways To Keep Your Customers Coming Back For More.

Email might seem like the start customer service solution, but it can limit your business and complicate your work in unexpected ways.

Case with WordPress site owner

Let us give you a real example – the case with WordPress owner who switched e-mail to Catchers Helpdesk and feels happy. Please meet Patrik!

WordPress helpdesk plugin enables him to offer simple and powerful customer support, therefore, increasing user interaction and sales. Here is the Helpdesk Demo there you can see how it works.