Are you running WordPress site for a business?

Are you still supporting your product by Email app or Contact Form 7?

Email is perfectly cool if used appropriately. Especially for early stage companies that need to test an idea on launching their first product and getting their first clients. When you’re dealing with one or two emails a day, an e-mail support system works good. It’s easy to keep track of who’s handling what and to make sure that each email gets dealt with. But once you start getting like 10 emails a day, this becomes challenging.

Having a contact form 7 on your WordPress website is a normal way for your visitors to communicate with you. Anyway, you still have a deal with your email box. In this article, you’ll discover top 5 reasons to switch from e-mail app to a Helpdesk system or Ticket system for WordPress.

Reason 1.  Tickets statuses

Your customer support team members can talk to clients and respond to their requests. Everyone can see the conversation from the dashboard. More important, everyone can see the status of each conversation and who is responsible for what. Take a look at the picture below and compare with your message list in the email app. Do you see the difference?

The ticket status is one of the most important benefits in Helpdesk as it helps you organize your everyday support process for you and your team. It helps you manage the lifecycle of a request (ticket in Helpdesk) from the time it gets recorded in your WordPress admin area, to the point where it gets closed by one of your agents.

What are the basic ticket statuses and what do they mean for support process?

New  – This is the default status of a ticket when it is fetched in the regular helpdesk. And, they are probably the ones that immediately need your support managers’ attention. Every time a client replies to a ticket that has a different status (Non-Answered or Answered), it always moves back to open so that you can take a look at it again and fix any issues, if necessary.

Closed – A ticket gets closed when a customer admitted that his issue has been successfully resolved. However, even if the ticket has been marked as closed, it will move back into open if the customer replies to it again.

An example of Tickets list from Catchers Helpdesk Plugin for WordPress:

WordPress Helpdesk

Reason 2. Collaboration with teammates on one board

All incoming tickets can be automatically assigned to the agent, so his job is supervising just became easier. He will receive a special notification message with the link to a ticket. After that, he can assign any person available for the solving and answering. There is a special ticket field: Assigned there you can choose the one from the list of customer support agents.

Another team collaboration tool from Helpdesk is private notes. Public comments can be read by anyone who has access to the ticket. You can also add private comments to tickets. These comments are only visible to other agents, not to the ticket requester or any other end-users.

Ticket history is a simple listing of the date and time a request was assigned to someone and who it was that assigned it as well as status changes. The activities feed in a ticket shows you a quick log of all the activities that have been happening on it. You can filter all conversations on the ticket page for the easier organization. Filtering Conversations allow you to selectively view conversation messages by author and status.


An example of Assignee field from Catchers Helpdesk Plugin for WordPress:


Reason 3. Customer profile under your hand (Data driven support)

Customer support is all about human, individual relations with your clients. If you’re not collecting additional (instead of e-mail and name) customer’s data in your support efforts, it’s time to start.

When customers contact you with the email channel or by contact form for the first time, new WordPress user accounts will automatically be created for them. You can find users with the role: “Helpdesk Сlient” in your admin panel by using the

When customers contact you with the email channel or by contact form for the first time, new WordPress user accounts will automatically be created for them. You can find users with the role: “Helpdesk Сlient” in your admin panel by using the Users section. As for the ticket page – you can see customer profile on the right panel (see the screenshot below). There are contact details, tags and link to a full profile.

More than that, you can use custom fields for collecting more data from your customers:

1. Age

2. Country

3. Male/female

4. Position

5. Skills

If you run a WooCommerce store, you can see the whole customer profile with the following fields:

1. Customer lifetime value

2. Customer orders

3. Items

4. Total  order cost

5. Order status

6. Order data

Do you want to increase sales? Then you should ask your agents to use a customer’s profile because with that info they can be more specific and more personal. For example, if you saw the client website and got the industry or specific case, you can write:

“Hey, I just see that you using online chat plugin 🙂 I just want to ask you about conversion? Are you satisfied? We just realised new chat bot last week and I can help you with free trial week. What do you think?”


Reason 4. Saved replies to avoid double work

Everyday customer support agents receive the same requests. Save their time, by preparing a saved response, explaining the case in details, giving flowing instructions. In this way, instead of writing the same reply over and over, or pasting it from notepad, you can help a client immediately right on a ticket page.

Saved reply can be a simple welcome sentence or detailed step by step tutorial, with interactive links and macros.

Helpdesk plugin settings allow you to prepare a reply and store it, so it can be sent as a reply with the click of a button from ticket page.

So, any of your customer support managers can save time and be more productive by creating and sharing they saved replies with other agents.

Reason 5. Auto replies with message template

Well, what’s one thing worse than getting generic-auto-message saying your message was recorded? Not getting it at all! However, don’t let your client wait for long for the answer. If you have a pretty busy day, let them know that they will have to wait longer for the response from your team.

Either include the message in autoresponder or sent them a bulk message letting them know expected waiting time. Again, it can be solved with prepared saved responses.

Make sure that your auto reply message is contextual, actual and try to not use common phrases. Here are some tips to write an excellent message for the first auto reply answer:

1. Be honest

2. Use a little bit humor

3. Be brief

4. Make sure that your message has a strong structure

5. Write about your working hours

6. Introduce yourself


An example of Auto reply templates from Catchers Helpdesk Plugin for WordPress:


You’ll need to carefully evaluate these tools and options and choose the way to implement it for serving your business’s needs. Perhaps you’ll need right on the admin area of your WordPress website. There are many free plugins to choose from WordPress directory and from CodeCanyon marketplace to better meet the wants, needs, and desires of your customers.

Watch the video to train and summarize all customer support features.