Simple yet powerful

Helpdesk is a simple plugin but gives you rich features - chatting with clients, saved replies, and let you control processes with tickets list.


Smooth communication

Forget about emails that get lost and start sending messages straight from WP admin area, plus chat privately with your agents.


All customer data

Thanks to integrations with WP users and Woo Commerce, you can see all related info on contact card in the ticket page.


Easy setup

Set up e-mail settings and assign agents. Build your own contact form and start to receive messages from your customers.

Manage tickets right in WordPress admin area

Saved replies, Private notes, Custom contact forms, Pop-up form, Woo Commerce integration

Everyone can handle it!

We made a simple Helpdesk plugin, which creates ticket system right in the admin area of your WordPress site. Your potential clients can reach you via email or by using the contact form

Extended Functionality

See how to scale your support efforts with Add-ons

Bundles and Special Offers

Get discounted price and save your money
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Your favourite integrations





WordPress customer service areas

Meet our clients and see who they are

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