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Ticket list filtering, sorting, escalation and export

Every request sent to your support email becomes a ticket in your helpdesk. You can easily categorize and prioritize tickets and assign them to the right people in your team.

And you don't have to worry about multiple agents responding to the same ticket anymore because everyone on your team can see who is working on each ticket, as well as its status.

customer care plugin
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Keep the customer’s relationship history on client cards

The helpdesk plugin includes client cards, like a CRM plugin. On the issues page you can see the customer’s information with tags, contact information and the customer’s previous tickets.

Get contextual customer information directly from your tickets

Company name, job title, contact phone number, e-mail.

Private comments

Delegate and communicate privately with a team member


Ticket list filtering, sorting, escalation and export.

Fetch tickets via email

Your potential clients can reach you via email or by using the contact form. You can respond to emails and your customers will receive immediate replies.

Clear integration with WP themes

The helpdesk provides an adaptive viewing experience for easy reading and navigation with minimal resizing and scrolling.

Personal front-end space for clients

Clients can manage the status of tickets right through the web page after regular authorization.

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Mina Nadi Ishak BarssoumIt’s really powerful for me and my partner to be able to go to meetings with specific details about the contact we have with our users. The data helps us to bring the voice of the clients to the forefront of decision making.
Mina Nadi Ishak Barssoum
Olga MakoveevaWe’’re really happy with Catchers Helpdesk,”. “It offers a easy platform , and our team enjoys using it. Plus, the e-mail fetching tools have already revealed tangible benefits, like increases in productivity and quality, along with richer customer insight.
Olga Makoveeva
Union Française de Montréal
Kirill NikolaevWe’re always thinking about how we can maximize the experience for our customers. The customer shouldn’t care who in the team they’re talking to. They should just get the help they want.
Kirill Nikolaev
Tatiana ZelexonE-mail notifications help keep employees informed about the status of their tickets, minimizing back-and-forth communications. ““When we send a ticket off to another department for further investigation or resolve a ticket, Catchers automatically sends an update to the end user. “That keeps everyone in the loop about what’’s really going on.
Tatiana Zelexon
Alchemy Worx

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PRO Multi-site


2-5 Sites


  • Saved replies
  • Conversation feed filtering
  • Forwarding
  • Cc and Bcc fields
  • Private notes
  • Ticket history
  • Mailchimp integration (coming soon)
  • Embed tool Help Catcher
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